Hook A Sistah Up, Don’t Cut A Chic Down

Women are She wolves and don’t let anybody ever tell you differently. We are Territorial, we are protective, and we are without a doubt probably more competitive than any player on the NFL, NBA or UFC. Perhaps it originated with our ancestors way back when, but throughout history women have had to go that extra mile to prove…

Women are She wolves and don’t let anybody ever tell you differently. We are Territorial, we are protective, and we are without a doubt probably more competitive than any player on the NFL, NBA or UFC. Perhaps it originated with our ancestors way back when, but throughout history women have had to go that extra mile to prove who we are as individuals. No matter what women pull together as their own army, but at the end of the day we all want to be the one wearing the biggest feather in our hat.

Girl PowerIt’s an unspoken language really….all the maintenance we put into ourselves, and the effort that goes with it. Think about it…we are a species that will pour hot wax directly onto our bare skin and then have it ripped off. We will inject paralyzing venom into our faces so as to make them appear smoother. We will spend hours at the gym sweating on a bike that goes absolutely nowhere just so we can fit into the latest pair of skinny jeans hanging from the rack. Most people would think that women do what we do to attract the male species…and yes I agree…but we are also doing half of it to beat the girl next to us for fear she may steal our thunder.

The word Bitch has gone from being something offensive to admirable. It’s a sign that you know what you want in life and will do nothing short of scratching a girl’s eyes out to get it.

99.9% of what women do is driven by the internal desire to be the best, to get men, to get money, to get power.

Because of the rise in females getting more of what men used to have, it has made us turn off that gentle side to us…the soft…the demure…the innocent.

We have traded in our aprons for whips and chains..and our butter churns for iPhones and stock portfolios.

Say hello to the modern woman…the modern woman who is also at the end of the day sleep deprived, anxiety ridden, and malnourished.

We have almost become machines all competing with each other to be the best. and at the end of the day,  life has turned into a popularity contest. Everybody wants to be Prom Queen and it’s driving us insane.

In the last few years more and more women have joined the bandwagon to making themselves something that biologically they are not meant to be.

It’s hard to accept what god has given you when the girl next to you has something better…and we don’t sit back and take it..but instead whip out our checkbooks to nip, tuck, suck or pluck whatever it takes to make it better.

My question is..Why have women turned to hating other women? It’s almost an unspoken rule today that other women are the enemy..and that we have to put up guard to any other pair of ovaries that walk into a room.

I am sure a lot of it has to do with Male attention. I mean Women are so busy competing with each other for male attention that they do not have the psychological, intellectual or emotional insight to change the social climate that is causing them to suffer from low-self esteem.

We may appear to be rocks on the outside..but all this negative competitive energy is causing us to disintegrate on the inside.
Women are going on such severe regimens to keep up appearances, but to what cost.
We are really spending so much time focusing on being the best physically….but what are we doing to maintain our emotional health.

We have to me as a female society lost touch with the bond that used to unite us.

I recently had lunch with two of my closet girlfriends…and I realized how much I missed the bond that only females can have with each other.

It brought me back to the days when I was in 7th grade at all night slumber parties where me and my closest girlfriends would spend hours just telling each other everything. My girlfriends knew my secrets..my struggles…how many zits I had on my face..and how many boys had broken my heart.

I think that over the years being in distress has become a sign of weakness, so we have as a female society become more guarded.

Women need to stop turning on each other and start turning to each other.

We need to start appreciating other women for who they are on the inside. instead of how many rings she has on her finger and how many Bentley’s she has in the garage.

We need to stop comparing wrinkles and the size of one another thighs, and start appreciating each other’s senses of humors and compassionate souls.

When was the last time you really talked to another women about what was going on in her life, instead of comparing time spent at the gym.

I have decided that from now on..I personally am going to connect more with the women in my community.

My closest girlfriends and I have started to do this. We have committed ourselves to be positive forces in one another life. We don’t compete with each other, we don’t cut each other down. We lift each other up and we built each other together.

We feel like by our example we can empower other women to do the same.

By doing this you start to realize you’re  not alone, and that you don’t have to be.

That the Women next to you isn’t a stranger you have to hate. but rather a friend you just haven’t met yet.

It’s time we all sat down, pulled on our white gloves and had some tea.

A WOMAN is wonderful, but WOMEN are amazing!!!

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