It’s Summertime and that means Bathing suit season is in full effect! It doesn’t however in any way whatsoever, translate into…go starve yourself by going on some crazy diet. It isn’t a cue to go get your boobs done or fat sucked out of your thighs. It’s not supposed to add detoxing and botoxing to your vocabulary […]

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It’s Summertime and that means Bathing suit season is in full effect!

It doesn’t however in any way whatsoever, translate into…go starve yourself by going on some crazy diet. It isn’t a cue to go get your boobs done or fat sucked out of your thighs. It’s not supposed to add detoxing and botoxing to your vocabulary and drain your bank account on spray tans. It’s not supposed to throw heat-waves on your self-esteem and melt your entire sense of confidence.

I know we as women feel this way as the frost wears off, and so do a lot of our clothes. We beat ourselves up for not working out so much after the holidays, or forgetting that we made a New Year’s Resolution to lose a few pounds.  We start to feel that sensation of irritation as we walk into department stores and see sundresses and cut-offs on the racks.

Maybe it’s because the average woman weighs between 140-160 pounds and doesn’t wear a size 2. We are brainwashed into associating perfect bodies with swimwear. Whether you live in South Beach or South Dakota, the message we have learned is that we are inferior to Victoria’s Secret models, and playboy bunnies.

Eating Disorder Treatment: Getting Comfortable with Your Body

When we are in the dressing room, we usually become quite critical of ourselves.  We start beating up and bashing our bodies. We take a giant baseball bat to all that we think is bumpy, lumpy, or deflated. We take a crowbar and smash into those areas we think to be too big or too small. When we are faced with having to try on tiny pieces of spandex, we notice them even more and become petrified at the thought that other people will be seeing them.

Well let me break it to you gently…very few of us are going to end up on the Cover of Sports Illustrated.
We are regular women. Most of us have worked very hard to get to where we are in life. We should not start ignoring those facts when it comes to our bodies. Our bodies are not who we are, they do not define us, and they are certainly not the reason people like us.

I know I didn’t get where I am in my life because I wore a bikini, it was because I  finally decided to wear my confidence. People like me for what I do, not for what I weigh or not for what I wear. I didn’t get my job because of a number on a scale or the size on the  tag inside of my jeans.

Believe me, I have battled with my body image for most of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I finally have learned to make peace with it. Oh sure we still get in arguments once in awhile, but for the most part I have honestly just learned to accept myself for who I am. I know I will never be anybody different, and that I wasted so much of my life trying to be perfect and I had to learn the hard way it’s just not possible.

I think about how all that obsession over the size of my thighs and the circumference of my ass almost cost me my life. I value the fact that I am alive, and have learned to embrace memories and moments not measurements.

I know a lot of other women who have learned to do the same thing. It’s a process, but it takes loving who you are to let go of loving who you think you should be.

Nobody gives a tankini or a bikini what you look like at the pool, and if they do, it just proves they are extremely shallow…no pun intended.

It’s about time women stopped thinking they have lost their power over how they feel about their bodies. It takes appreciating that you have a body, and all that it does for you.
It takes telling yourself no matter how hard it is that you are beautiful everyday.
It takes building up your inner confidence so that you feel comfortable in no matter what you put on, because you know your attitude is what everybody will be focusing on.
Summer is full of all sorts of fun things to do and special events, and you need to let yourself enjoy all the experiences that come attached.
Go to the beach and don’t focus on yourself, but instead focus on the ocean, the sand underneath your feet, and the sound of the waves.
If you find yourself going to the pool with your kids, don’t hide underneath an umbrella and mentally compare yourself to every other woman. In all honestly no matter how perfect they may look, I guarantee you that they are feeling just as self-conscience as you. Splash in the water, dive of the high dive, or teach your kids how to swim.
Remember your Body is your Best friend.
It is your truest ally.
Befriend it and it will serve you tirelessly.Treat it as you would a dear friend:
Feed it with healthy food, taking the time to give it proper nourishment. Remember to exercise in moderation, and make it enjoyable. If the gym makes you cringe, opt for yoga, Pilates, dance, or simply walking. Anything to get your body moving will do wonders.
Relaxation is key. In our harried and hurried world, it is essential that you remember to relax and rejuvenate.Instead of critiquing your body for not being enough of this and for being too much of that, offer it gratitude and appreciation for it’s devotion to you.
Before you buy that bathing suit, or pull your old one out of the drawer, keep all of that in mind.
 Be proud of who you are and build that Confidence up by truly acknowledging all of your wonderful inner attributes.
I know wherever I go this summer in my bathing suit that I am not going to have the best body there, but I will be the one with the biggest smile on my face, because I really won’t give a damn.

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