I Spent 30 Days In A Partial Program And Have Been Home For About A Week. They Got Me Up To Around 3000 Cals/Day. Since Home, I’ve Restricted To 1500-2000 Cals/Day And I Have Gained 5 Pounds Since! Why Am I Still Gaining?? Metabolism? Help!

Hi…I Was In Hospitals For 5
RavenBritt – 06/08/2011 – 13:25

Hi…I was in hospitals for 5 yrs for my anorexia. In that time I was hooked up to feeding tubes and loaded with 4200 cals a day. It really made me distraught. When I got off the feeding tube, I restricted back down to 800 cals, which was my usual before the tube, and I gained a few pounds on that.
Your body is so used to starvation that it stores every ounce of nutrients you put into it. The restriction of food makes your metabolism all but shut down. I know you’re panicked but trust me, your body needs time to readjust itself.
Oh and by the way, I strongly recommend not restricting less than 1500 cals.

Thank You For Your Comment!
Achick77 – 06/08/2011 – 13:34

Thank you for your comment! It means so much to me…I was feeling so alone. When I was in the midst of my ED, it was so simple. Wanna lose a pound? Just do **this behavior** and poof! Taken care of…

For the first time in years, I’m eating and it is beyond frustrating to not be able to “control my weight” the way I used to. I am trying so hard to stay on track and be ok with the gain, but the more I restrict (and still continue to gain), the more frustrated I get! I know that it is dragging me down into a hole and I want so badly to just trust and get back on track with my mealplan. But of course, my ED-mind says “You’re restricting and STILL gaining weight! The last thing you are allowed to do it eat MORE!” I just don’t know what to do…it seems no matter what I do I gain!!!

What will happen if I go back up to the 3000 cals they had me on? I’ll just immediately gain even more?? What if I stay at the 1500? Will I keep gaining??

I know that the goal in the end is to gain the weight. I just feel like it is moving too fast for my head to keep up and process the changes. I don’t want to lose the progress I have gained; I just want it to slow down a little so I can process it. (wow this is a way long post!)

I Guess My Concern Is That
janurse427 – 06/09/2011 – 04:31

I guess my concern is that you cut your calories in half immediately upon discharge. Why? That alone can once again cause your body to ‘hold’ calories and decrease the metabolism to protect your body. Your weight will settle over time where it needs to be, unless you confuse it and re-set your normal set point, which will be higher than what would be normal for you. If the higher number of calories was suggested, I think you should slowly increase daily (3-400 a day) until you get back to that point, and then be sure you are seeing a therapist/doctor who can monitor your weight. Making decisions outside of treatment recommendations is what gets you in trouble….take care….Jan


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