Is It Okay To Binge And Purge Every Once In A While. Sometimes I Think I Eat To Much, So I Binge So That It Is Easier To Purge. I Don’t Do It Every Day. Maybe Once Or Twice A Week. Is That Okay? I Know Its Not Normal, But I Don’t Think Its A Big Problem.

Hi Dancerraven, No, Honestly
Tammy Mahan – 11/30/2010 – 02:04

Hi Dancerraven,

No, honestly binging and purging is not okay even if it is only once or twice a week. Right now it may not seem like a big deal to you but when you find yourself doing more often you already have a problem. The stage you are at right now can be helped rather easily. If you find that you cannot stop this behavior on your own please seek professional help this is how serious eating disorders and complications start.

So Do You Have Any Tips On
dancerraven – 11/30/2010 – 16:04

So do you have any tips on how i can stop on my own. I sometimes just feel like i’ve ate to much. So i eat more so that i can purge. I don’t like binging or purging, but even if i don’t purge everything up or don’t lose weight from purging, it still feels like i accomplished something. So how do i stop this cycle. I’m not going to seek professional help. I’ve done that before and it didn’t help that much. any advice?

What Are You Thinking About
Tammy Mahan – 12/01/2010 – 13:29

What are you thinking about prior to the binge/purge cycle? You say ” it still feels like I accomplished something.” What is it you feel you need to accomplish? In my opinion all eating disorders have an underlying emotional cause. If I may also ask what was going on in your life when you started the binge/purge cycle? That may hold the clue to why you continue the cycle.

Hi..Perhaps The Help You
janurse427 – 12/01/2010 – 05:32

Hi..perhaps the help you rec’d was not with someone who in trained to treat this complex disorder. A meal plan is a critical piece to recovery, whether you like it or not 🙂
A strict plan for eating can help you feel safe from under or over eating…it goes both ways.
Please search your area for treatment facilities or support groups which may be able to refer you to someone who understands and can truly help you. Breaking this dangerous cycle is hard, but it’s the first step and has to happen before you can work on the issues that will lead to recovery.
Please believe in your own power to make choices in this, and NEVER GIVE UP….Jan ?

When I Start Binge/Purge
dancerraven – 12/01/2010 – 18:55

When i start binge/purge cycle i feel like i am fulfilling a need. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but i feel like i need more food when i’m eating. Then i feel like i need to purge.
I don’t know why i feel accomplished. But it just feels good to get rid of the bad things i ate. I feel accomplished for getting all the bad food out i guess.
It started when my mom started going to AA. I knew she had drinking problems, but i never knew her drinking was so bad, and then all of a sudden she had to start going to AA. It was weird and I still don’t know how I feel about that.

I don’t want to get help from somewhere else. I don’t want my family worring about me. There is already enough worring going on to see if my mom will actually recover.

Dance….Can You See That By
janurse427 – 12/03/2010 – 06:08

dance….can you see that by NOT getting help, your family will only worry more, and the likelihood is that you will not get better, but only progressively worse? That’s the nature of this monster.
I understand the way that purging can make you ‘feel’, but that is not the solution. Your body is slowly dying due to this dangerous behavior.
Please get professional help that is specialized, whatever it takes!
You deserve this!

Hi, Jan Is Correct Is Saying
Tammy Mahan – 12/03/2010 – 13:11


Jan is correct is saying that it will only continue to get worse. What I “hear” you saying is your family does not know about your binge/purge cycle.

Not knowing but only assuming you still live at home? If you are in school or college still they have psychologists you could make an appointment to speak to them. What you tell them is confidential they cannot tell anyone else about what you talk about. It is free.

I believe (I am NOT a doctor or a psychologist) but from experience it sounds like you are “using” the binge/purge cycle as a way to release your stress (you refer to food as “bad food” symbolizing your mom’s condition.)

If you are not in school/college and do not have access to free therapy then maybe you have a partner boyfriend/girlfriend, close family member outside the immediate family or an older friend you could talk to about your mom’s drinking. As I feel that your binge/purge cycle is related to your mom’s drinking. If you can talk to someone about that instead of your problem you may find some stress release and stop the binge/purge cycle.

Please give that a try and see how it goes.

Jan And Tammy Thats For The
dancerraven – 12/04/2010 – 07:05

Jan and Tammy thats for the advice. I’m not exactly sure what i want to do yet, but i will definitly get help with this. I feel like i’m keeping a lot of my emotions bottled up inside, and maybe it would be good to talk to someone about it. I really appriciate you guys writing back to me. Thanks a bunch.

So Welcome! Don’t Give Up And
janurse427 – 12/04/2010 – 08:24

So welcome! Don’t give up and please keep reaching out!

You Are Very Welcome And Good
Tammy Mahan – 12/04/2010 – 17:33

You are very welcome and good luck!

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