I Am Obsessed With Loosing Wight And Do Not Eat Though Hungary. Am I At Risk Of An Eating Disorder

Im 5 Foot 5 Inches 16 And The
rezzy – 05/05/2010 – 14:53

im 5 foot 5 inches 16 and the nurse said i have a BMI of 16.5
i do not wnat to put wight on and become angry when my family talk abiut eating and things
i jus want to loose more weight every day
do i have an eating disorder or am i at risk on developing one?

That Is Just So Easy My
health212 – 06/18/2010 – 13:14

that is just so easy my dear.. just dont eat a lot of carbo.. drink a lot of water…. eat frequently yet in small amount rather than full meals.. you can visit the following sites of mine.. i have there a lot of pieces of advice regarding this matter..


Health212…Please Do Not
janurse427 – 06/18/2010 – 13:23

health212…please do not post dieting advice on this website. This is a site for those who are seeking recovery from an eating disorder, and dieting is the number one thing that can cause an eating disorder, or make one worse. Diets don’t work, and they are harmful in many ways. Please refrain from these types of posts. Thank you.


Havent You Read? Eat
health212 – 06/18/2010 – 13:56

havent you read? eat frequently but in a small amount rather than heavy meals? drink plenty of water?

that is not bad for her since she is skipping meals which is really a no no no…

if she like to reduce then she have to eat the way i have told her……

THOSE ARE NOT HARMFUL…they are healthy tips to have a good eating habbit…. . .

the habbit i mentioned is not the type of habbit that could trigger eating disorder…. OKAY? it is healthy… gets?

Yes, I Heard You. Eating
janurse427 – 06/18/2010 – 14:19

Yes, I heard you. Eating frequently and drinking adequate water is healthy, but reducing is not. Drinking water to the extent that it replaces food is not healthy for anyone in recovery from an eating disorder. Dieting to lose weight is not a successful recovery strategy for anyone with an eating disorder. ALL foods are acceptable. When you begin to limit any type of food, you are setting yourself up to binge, or to cause damage to your body.
I also suggest that if you wish for any credibility, to learn to spell things correctly, and to use proper English. Please take care in what you suggest. You don’t seem to understand this area. Thank you.


Well I Guess You Are Unaware
health212 – 06/18/2010 – 14:35

well i guess you are unaware that there are two faces of reducing…

the healthy one and

the unhealthy one….

the healthy one refers to providing your body the right nutrients to keep you healthy while you are in the process of developing your body into a sexier one. thus eliminating eating disorders.

while the unhealthy one refers to skipping meals… okay?

i did not say do not eat.. i said do not eat too much… it means you only need to take in the right amount and nothing more…

i guess you are american and not english so i bet you could understand much more than me since english is just one of lots of languages i am mastering…

dont be too perfectionist because i know you do have a lot of lapses to…you have erroneous grammar too. i could read. see? learn correct and proper english too if you wish…..

I Respect That You Are Not
janurse427 – 06/19/2010 – 06:33

I respect that you are not knowledgeable about what eating disorders are all about, but please don’t post here if you are condoning weight loss in any way. Losing weight is the most dangerous thing a person with an eating disorder can have happen. Having a ‘sexier’ body is a very superficial goal, and will not take you very far in this life. I will not answer any more of your posts. Please keep your posting to the weight loss sites that may embrace your unproven beliefs. Thank you.


I Hope I Don’t Offend Anyone
rezzy – 06/20/2010 – 05:05

I hope i don’t offend anyone because I don’t mean to just that personally I do not want to watch the amount of carbohydrates I consume as I am preety sure that will lead me to watch my calorific intake and the amount of fat I consume to which will undoubedly prevent me from leaving this stupid disorder behind me.
Thank you for your sugestions health 212 i do appreciate it bud do not think that it is for me.
Thank you again.

I Hope I Don’t Offend Anyone
rezzy – 06/20/2010 – 05:05

I hope i don’t offend anyone because I don’t mean to just that personally I do not want to watch the amount of carbohydrates I consume as I am preety sure that will lead me to watch my calorific intake and the amount of fat I consume to which will undoubedly prevent me from leaving this stupid disorder behind me.
Thank you for your sugestions health 212 i do appreciate it bud do not think that it is for me.
Thank you again.

You Likely Are Already In The
janurse427 – 05/10/2010 – 02:57

You likely are already in the throes of an eating disorder. I suggest you get an assessment with an eating disorder specialist. Your BMI indicates that you likely have anorexia. This is not a good thing!
Please get help!! You deserve to be well and live your life free from this!


Thank You For Your Reply, But
rezzy – 05/10/2010 – 15:02

Thank you for your reply, but can you please advise me.
I have my GSCE’s this year and exams start in a week and once upon a time i actually should not care what i ate but now i do, i have only started increasing my calorie intake to 600 a day because wothout food i can not concentrate at all. i still feel as though this 600 calories is way to much but i still find that i can not concentrate very much and can not study. i have high expected grades mainly A’s and would love to achieve them and even though i know that i should eat, do whatever i want and the physical effects of starvation that will make my life a misery in the future i feel as if i can not stop i want i reallly do but ther’s this part of me that wont let me eat anything. ill eat sometimes in front of friends becasue they worried i agve an ED theyve asked me but i deny, doctors have asked me to whether i think am fat and have trouble with eating but though i know i should say the truth i always deny it becasue well… thers this aort of me that wants to die (which ahs probably stemmed from me being physically abused through out my childhood and even now im sixteen and from having to care for my disabled brother for the past two years my mum is also depressed and scizophrenic) another part doesnt want to die the other part wants to be a doctor maybe an author and live happily but at the moment the i really wnat to disappear die and weirldy suffer too.
how can i make sure i eat even for the sake of passing my exams?

thank you soo very much it is an incredibly nice feelign to know that there are people out there taht care to reas and reply. i dont think i cna ever exprexx my gratitude.

Rezzy…I Am Happy To Offer
janurse427 – 05/11/2010 – 07:25

rezzy…I am happy to offer support and suggestions. You might also want to check out the sister site www.supportgroups.com, and go to the eating disorder site. There are many people there who understand and share their own journeys.
It is likely that when you are not eating enough, your brain is not going to be able to function adequately to concentrate. What you are eating right now is less than one-third of what your body and mind need to function. The battle within you is the eating disorder trying to retain it’s control. It’s very hard to break free from that without professional help.
I am sorry you have such a stressful home situation. Could you talk to your school counselor? This could be a good place to start. Do you think your Mom would help you see a therapist? If you don’t think you can tell her about all of this right now, you can tell her how depressed you are feeling. But talking to a therapist about the eating disorder could be very helpful. In terms of being able to eat more…a meal plan is a very helpful way to begin to eat more normally and healthy. You should plan for at least 3 times the number of calories you are eating now, with all types of foods. Three meals and two snacks work well because it provides your body with consistent energy throughout the day.
Please talk to someone about getting help. Take care!!


Thank You Very Much Well
rezzy – 05/26/2010 – 14:55

Thank you very much

Well nowadya am eating more i find it easier to eat in school with friends becasue i guess everyones eating and although immediatly i feel disgusted at myself and fat i try my very best to ignore it and always tell myself that whaterver it is i want i will do it without thinking of the consequences i think this helps me eat but i still feel horrible afterwards but i guess that doesnt matter since i am eating.
and i am also seeig a dietician who is helping me see that i dont need to abstain from all foods in order to prevent gainign weight though, this is the beggining stage since i am now too afraid pf putting weight ob; but hopefully one day i’ll loose this fair and be healthy.


Good For You! Wishing You The
janurse427 – 05/26/2010 – 16:34

Good for you! Wishing you the best…Jan


Thanks For Sharing
amber24paige – 06/01/2010 – 21:49

Thanks for sharing interesting things with all of us. I like way of your thought process.
Truth about abs

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