Would I Be Considered To Have Anorexia As I Often Will Only Eat One Meal A Day Because Of My Concern To Make My Family Finances Go As Far As Far As Possible?

That Is A Great Question. I
mpnally – 01/04/2010 – 18:56

That is a great question. I have been dealing with similar circumstances in regards to finances and I am on food stamps and I wonder how will I eat when the food stamps go away? Even with the thoughts of financially stability I still think “Oh -gosh, now I have no excuse”. I say no, you are not anorexic because I would like to think that I am not acting out -I am simply using my resources wisely. Although, sane folks might think otherwise.

Eating Only One Meal A Day
janurse427 – 01/05/2010 – 15:12

Eating only one meal a day can eventually lead to any number of health problems, including lowering your metabolic rate..which in time will lead to weight gain. I can sympathize with your financial concerns, but there are ways to eat economically that won’t force you to eat less than is healthy.
There could be some risk of developing an eating disorder is you are depriving your body of enough calories. This can lead to the ‘starvation syndrome’ which affects a person’s ability to think rationally about food, which can also lead to bingeing, and possible purging out of desperation.
I suggest that you seek other methods of being economical that won’t lead to possible dangers to yourself.
Also, an eating disorder is not a case of ‘acting out’. It’s a true mental illness for which specialized treatment is needed. This is much more complex than just restricting your food or losing weight. Thank you for writing.


Thank You Both For Your
Kaneq – 01/08/2010 – 08:00

Thank you both for your replies. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this life and that others have similar situations to share.

I Think You Are In An
Abbey – 11/13/2010 – 04:42

I think you are in an anorexic stage right now.Eat fruit and vegetables, they are not that expensive. You should increase your food slowly and use some food supplement.

Fruits And Vegetables Are
janurse427 – 11/13/2010 – 07:41

Fruits and vegetables are good, but for someone who is anorexic, they need to incorporate foods that are dense in calories and that will help to bring them out of the starvation state. Having professional guidance is critical in this situation.


Hi! I Do Not Believe Either
Tammy Mahan – 11/22/2010 – 18:56


I do not believe either of you (Kaneq or mpnally) are anorexic of course; I am not a doctor so if you believe that you may be then please get some help.

As for eating one meal a day to make the grocery money stretch… that is unhealthy and can lead health problems as jannurse427 stated.

I eat only one meal a day because I was busy with work, the kids and life in general and I found myself 40 pounds overweight! My body went into starvation mode and I honestly did not realize what was happening at the time.

I would also like to add that losing those 40 pounds was a lot harder than losing 75 pounds after my daughter was born. When you do not treat your body right, it can get pretty upset with you!

You can make your grocery money stretch and still eat three healthy meals a day. A healthy lunch is not a cup of ramen noodles! Try a half a can of tuna fish instead and eat the other half the next day. For breakfast, a scrambled egg or a bowl of oatmeal is a great start to the day. Dinner you need protein usually in the form of meat and no not hot dogs! You can buy a large package of ground beef and divided it up. Potatoes are a staple in most meals and a vegetable go easy on the butter or margarine and add another vegetable fresh are best the frozen the canned. For a snack, eat your fruits. This way you can afford to eat and you are eating a healthy diet.

Surf the internet for affordable healthy meals, you will find thousands of them!

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