A Look At Eating Disorders in the Media It’s award season and two very famous women walked down the red carpet. recently. One was at the Grammy’s for her voice, and the other was there for an appearance at the Academy Awards. Both Adele and Angelina Jolie were wearing exquisite designer black gowns and faced the world and the […]

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Adele is not suffering from Eating disorders

A Look At Eating Disorders in the Media

It’s award season and two very famous women walked down the red carpet. recently. One was at the Grammy’s for her voice, and the other was there for an appearance at the Academy Awards. Both Adele and Angelina Jolie were wearing exquisite designer black gowns and faced the world and the  paparazzi with glossy red lips and glamour . Adele who has come forward with great vigor not only in the music industry but also setting a stride that bigger woman can still rock it, got donned with compliments by the critics and the public.

Angelina however wore a very skeletal frame exposing a very thin leg (very blatantly) and set forth a frenzy among eating disorder specialist and her fans. She was told that she needed to eat a few cheeseburgers, and was greatly criticized for her frail persona.
Does Angelina have anorexia?I have my opinions about Angelina, I think she is quite a leader in this world and the work she does for the underprivileged is Epic. However, I frankly could care less if it has anything to do with her weight, it bores me. I am so tired of turning around and every two seconds seeing some starlet on the cover of a magazine with the title “skin and bones”..”wasting away”..”drastically thin”.
Yawn yawn yawn.
Angelina has been outed as being too thin for quite a while, and now there is poor “Demi” whose romance-gone-bad with Ashton has basically thrown up all over the newstands. Suddenly she is an anorexic hot mess..or  perhaps could it be she has a broken heart, and we should mind our own business? The media’s weight obsession is getting out of hand.
I am sorry for these woman, but nobody knows what is going on. Are they too thin??..yes, but so are a trillion other women out there who are too, you just don’t see them starring at you in the checkout line. Are they setting bad examples for young girls and females…mabye? We don’t know the whole story, and gossip is gossip, and that’s what sells the stories. Tabloid magazines have been putting the emaciated in the spotlight for as long as I can remember..and quite frankly the malnourished look is out.
I could find you pictures of overly thin women on google in a New York minute. They are no different and if they are struggling with their eating and emotional stuff, I am sure in their own private ways will deal with it. Just because there is trouble at the dinner table in Camp “Brangelina”, does not mean you have to do the same thing.
Angelina got more attention for her frame, than “Octavia Spencer “did for winning her best supporting Actress Oscar.
I’m so over it!
My attention this award season was geared towards Adele, and quite honestly her killer attitude at the Grammy’s stood out far more to me then Angelina’s semi-emaciated white leg.
I have been a huge fan of Adele since 21 emerged on the scene. I honestly had no idea who she was until one day I was driving home and heard the song “Rolling in the deep”. I was like this song is “Amaze Balls, it made me feel sexy and alive, and fearless!!
I immediately went home and bought her CD on Amazon.
I listened to that CD like a mad woman. Every morning I would get my Attitude on while straightening my hair and bang my hand on the wall to songs like “Rumor has it” and “Setting Fire to the Rain”
My roommate actually had to do an “Adele” intervention on me, as he said and I quote “if I hear you play “Someone like you” one more time, I am going to kill ” someone like Melissa”..lol. It probably didn’t help I sang along to it at the top of my lungs like a broken hearted puppy dog.
Thank god a dear friend made me a copy of 19 and now I have been exhausting that one instead.
Since all these songs have come to head, so has the woman behind it.
Thing is she’s not some sugar coated sell out whose music is so synthesized and digitalized in the studio, that you don’t even know if it’s them really singing it. She’s not wearing skin tight spandex and bouncing around with some boy toys behind her.
This woman is real…shes raw…she’s well “rolling in the deep”.
She’s also got curves, and she’s not afraid to show them.
Her courage to do that caused well known clothing designer ”Karl Lagerfield” to comment that he had a problem with her physique saying she was a “little too fat”.
Shame on Karl, but typical of somebody whose brain wears a size 2.
Instead of running off and eating a rice cake for breakfast and widdling herself down to the size of a tic tac, she accepted his apology and moved on.
She is proud of who she is, and this is the kind of attitude I wish women could embrace. It’s about your voice, your heart, your hands, your soul…it’s not about your size god damn it, or whoever thinks they have the right to comment on it.
In a recent interview on 60 minutes, she laughed saying she would never be a “Skinny Minny”..not gonna happen…SNAP!
I could care less what size this girl wears, all  I know is I admire her strength, her courage, and her Confidence!! Please keep singing Woman!! Please for us all..your vocal chords are a gift to our ears.
“Rumor has it” you are Awesome Adele..and I hope we can continue to drift towards “someone like you”! You truly take the “Super” out of Model and make it a “Role”!!
Check Out Adele’s beautiful voice

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