THINTERVENTION of the day. Starving yourself to fit into some skinny jeans (the ones you think will make you happy), sweating for 6 hours on the treadmill (the one you think will answer your prayers), paying attention to that number on the scale (perfect little digits to success), and hating yourself for not being her […]

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THINTERVENTION of the day. Starving yourself to fit into some skinny jeans (the ones you think will make you happy), sweating for 6 hours on the treadmill (the one you think will answer your prayers), paying attention to that number on the scale (perfect little digits to success), and hating yourself for not being her (but enough plastic surgery and you will be). Well LISTEN UP and LISTEN HARD…all of those things are not your answer into Bliss, but rather your one way ticket out of your relationships, out of your jobs, out of your dignity, and of your futures. Do not let compromising who you are to be something you are not, completely cheat you out of what you have. Trust me, it’s so not worth it.??
In times of chaos, when everything is going crazy, when you are so frustrated that you have reached that point of no return….go buy shoes. The End
I believe once you make up your mind, you can get over anything, whether it be a cold, an addiction, or your ex. Some hills, the big hills, are the ones you are really gonna have to put your back into, and when you get tired there will be no free bus ride to help your ascent. You have to desire to reach the peak of success, and desire to see the view from above. As long as you don’t turn around and start going back down, your life is gonna be sweet. I warn you though, once you climb one emotional K2, you are gonna wanna climb some more. So get on with it, get a move on, and get over it! ??
Sometimes it would be nice to be little again, just for a day. A day where you looked up to people only because you were 2 feet tall. A day where an ice-cream cone was just an ice-cream cone, and the best feeling in the world was swinging upside down from the monkey bars. A day where you could twirl, and a day where you could dance with your grandfather while standing on his feet. A day where you knew you were safe, and that nobody was ever going to leave you, but love you. Sometimes I wish I could be little again, just so I could wish upon a falling star that I wanted to be grown-up.??
Unless you are standing in line right now at the DMV, you should not be letting a number rule your life. I have many Fabulous talents and Amazing skills, but giving a flying F*** about what I weigh, what you weigh, or how many stones the bloody Queen of England is on her scale today, is not one of them. Kindly get over it. “Be who you are in this world, not what you weigh”. The End ??
I believe you should keep doing something, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to you or others. I think you should definitely keep a good secret for at least 27 years. I think you should keep your hair out of your eyes, at least while you read. When you feel especially vulnerable, this is the time to keep to yourself, and keep others at arm’s length. Keep the faith no matter what, and keep it real. Always keep a treat for yourself in back of the freezer where nobody else can find it. Keep this all for a rainy day, and then always keep hoping for rain. In the midst of chaos, you should always do your best to “keep calm and carry on”, and always be aware to keep an eye out for all those around you who don’t..??
The other day my bathroom mirror kept trying to start a fight with me. Apparently it had major issues with my image, but than I realized perhaps I was the one who had major issues with it, and decided to put it in check. Seriously, my life is far too fabulous to go around taking orders from a reflection.??
News Flash!!!..You might think your life doesn’t matter, but trust me somebody else thinks it does, and chances are so do quite a few other people. It’s selfish behavior to think the whole world revolves around you, but I also think it’s selfish behavior to think it doesn’t. By depriving society of your talents, your assets, and your virtues, you’re not only jipping yourself out of a plethora of opportunities, but you are skipping out on the responsibility that is your purpose in this thing we call life. Look, I ‘m not saying you have to rule the Kingdom, or even want to for that matter, all I am saying is step outside of your little box for once, and be part of the friggin Villlage. ??





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