There are a lot of toxic things in this world, but nothing is more poisonous, more harmful, or more deadly than “Toxic People”. They are what I like to call the individuals that pollute your life with their negative mojo, and stain your life with their negativity. I should know as I have had many […]

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Toxic to those with eating disordersThere are a lot of toxic things in this world, but nothing is more poisonous, more harmful, or more deadly than “Toxic People”. They are what I like to call the individuals that pollute your life with their negative mojo, and stain your life with their negativity.

I should know as I have had many of them in my life, still do, and will definitely encounter more.

When I say “Toxic People”, I am referring to people who want nothing else in this world but to see you fail.

They prey on your weaknesses, doubt your capacity to accomplish anything, and slowly and very insidiously make you feel like you are worthless.

They are always an obstacle and like to make your life very messy.

I don’t believe that there is one person in this world who hasn’t had somebody like this come into their lives. I mean even Batman had the Joker.

It could have been in high school, it could be at work, or yes as I can account for, they can be part of your own family.

I know that a lot of people want to say, noooo everybody is good if they want to be, and you should love thy neighbor as yourself, treat others like you would want to be treated,blah blah blah.

Well I’m here to tell you that most of the time that is a wonderful philosophy and that you should practice it. However there should be a clause to that golden rule that says: “with the exception of dumbasses, who want to destroy your life”.                                                    

Now this doesn’t mean that you in turn treat them with the evil and hate that they want to inflict on you, but rather I am telling you to cut them out!

Yep..hey if you knew there was a toxic landfill right next to your house, I bet you would say “Hell to the No” pretty darn quickly and move the heck out of dodge.

I am almost certain that if you knew there was rotten food in your fridge you would throw it out, instead of making it for dinner.

Your doctor wouldn’t tell you to leave a cancerous tumor in your body, instead he would cut that thing out of you ASAP!

So you see, this goes the same for anybody in your life who is making you feel like crap, destroying your life, or making you feel worthless.

Sometime toxic people wear good masks, but beware that they are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They act like they love you, or you think that they really do, when deep inside they can’t handle your success, don’t appreciate you, and love to push your buttons. When they get to you, it makes them feel better about themselves and therefore they gain some sort of sick satisfaction.

It took me awhile to cut people like this out of my life. I was the girl in school who was always to get everybody to like me. I needed others approval to make me feel worthwhile. When I was really struggling with my eating disorder is when I really realized who was funky. I had family members and still do who hate me for getting sick. They were cruel, absent, and unforgiving. I actually have had many people in my life to use my Anorexia as a way to make me feel bad about myself and fail. I am not lying to you when I tell you some of them actually wanted me to die, or never get better.

TOXIC and could very much cause allergic emotions!

I finally got smart and realized that I was much better off with out them. I treated them like venom and expelled them out of my life. I started to surround myself with people who loved me, appreciated me, and wanted me to succeed.

It’s not that I wish them harm, or ill will, but I simply am not letting them rent space in my head anymore.

Getting over an eating disorder is extremely challenging, so I am not going to add fuel to the fire, by allowing those people to influence my well being.

Surround yourself with those who build you up, and love you unconditionally.

Just be careful not to shake hands with people who lack confidence in you. It’s hard enough to hold it together in this world, let alone grab on tight to all of your dreams and goals, when you have got your hands full of somebody else’s negativity and self-doubt. I say rinse, wash, and carry on.

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