Men like many things…Buffalo wings, extreme sports, Jackass movies, the smell of sweat during a good workout, The Godfather 1 and 2…not 3, tools of any type, meat, puppy commercials (even though they don’t admit to it), sleeping in, and curves…I am not talking about curves on a test, or curves around a racetrack, or […]

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Men like many things…Buffalo wings, extreme sports, Jackass movies, the smell of sweat during a good workout, The Godfather 1 and 2…not 3, tools of any type, meat, puppy commercials (even though they don’t admit to it), sleeping in, and curves…I am not talking about curves on a test, or curves around a racetrack, or curves at a Red Sox game…nope I am talking CURVES on a woman.

Most boyz who like girls, like a girl with some padding, and I am not talking about the kind in a miracle bra from Victoria’s secret. In fact ask any guy what a padded bra is to him and he will probably tell you it’s like opening up a bag of potato chips…the bag is always disappointingly half empty.
I’m not saying you have to go rush out there and get a boob job either, I am simply saying that having coffee for breakfast today, skipping lunch, and nibbling on a salad for dinner isn’t going to help your chances of turning your boy on in the bedroom.
Males are all wired very much the same..and ask any one of them what they find sexy about a women and most of them will say some meat on her bones.
In fact it’s ironic that in the 1950′s, Pin-up girls on the cover of magazines were estimated to weigh around 145-160 pounds and wear a size 16.
Marylyn Monroe herself was no skinny minny weighing about 165 pounds back in her day, and to this day most men consider her to be one of the sexiest women alive. It wasn’t until the 1960′s that we were introduced to a more “androgynous” look when Twiggy appeared in magazines.
Her look was very attractive to designers, and fashionistas ,but the red-blooded, all-American man was most likely not behind the decision to put her on 13 cover issues of  Vogue Magazine.
I betcha Hugh Hefner wasn’t ringing miss Twiggy’s phone, and for good reason. The man who wears the red smoking jacket is actually quite a genius. He speaks the language of ”testosterone”, and I have never ever once seen a woman on the cover of his magazine who wears a size 0.
I also know your boyfriend or husband most likely has a stash of playboys in his basement, or under his bed, and not the latest issue of W magazine.
Eating Disorders and Body Image
As a full-blooded female with 100 percent estrogen running through her veins, I know that half of the reason I longed for a perfect body was to be attractive to the opposite sex. The thing is: everything I was doing to be successful at that was backfiring on me. If you don’t eat, you lose weight, and you also lose your sexuality.
Your boobs go away, your butt disappears, and your legs look like sticks. All things guys just really don’t dig. Hey hips don’t lie..and neither do ribs..and ask any guy what kind of ribs they like and they will tell you ones with barbecue sauce.
I think, in general, guys are afraid to say anything, and most likely if you have a great guy he will love you for you and not for what you look like on the outside. However deep down inside, guys like to feel they are grabbing on to something.
They like a girl who takes care of herself, don’t get me wrong, but not to the point where it’s making her look sick.
Most guys that have been polled say they are attracted to women who have one thing… Confidence. They say that if she isn’t obsessed about every little pound, every little bump, every little lump, it shows him she accepts who she is, that she is secure. That also tells him if she is secure with herself, she will be secure with him.
I think this is what is on the table girls…and I mean no more empty plates , and half-eaten lean cuisines. We need to realize that our inner strength, how we laugh, how we do our job, raise our children, and make a difference is what most guys find sexy. When we love our bodies, and accept them for what they are, that tells a guy we have some “Sass in our Ass”, whatever size it may be…trust me, it’s a turn on.
The biggest turn off I have heard that guys have with a girl on a first date, is if she doesn’t eat.  They also say if she is always commenting on other women’s bodies, bashing them or comparing themselves to them, it makes them get a huge red flag that this girl is Insecure!
So perhaps you should stop trying to starve yourselves down to the size of a store mannequin, to stop losing your periods, to stop losing your boobs and your bazzakadonks, and start appreciating that we are are women and real women have curves…the kind a real man would love to catch!

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